What was Jane Addams fighting for?

What was Jane Addams fighting for?

As a young woman, Jane Addams did not know what she wanted to do with her life. ... She found the inspiration that would lead her to fight for the rights of children, help the poor, and become the first American woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

What laws did Jane Addams accomplish?

Addams and other Hull-House residents sponsored legislation to abolish child labor, establish juvenile courts, limit the hours of working women, recognize labor unions, make school attendance compulsory and ensure safe working conditions in factories.

Who made settlement houses?

Jane Addams

What was the first settlement house in the US?

University Settlement

What was the purpose of settlement houses quizlet?

What are settlement houses? Community centers that offered services to the poor. How did settlement houses help immigrants? They gave them a home, taught them English, and about the American government, provided them with services.

What services did Settlement Houses provide quizlet?

Terms in this set (3) What did they do? -founder of the first settlement house (Hull House), provided services such as a library, nursery, music school, etc. -fought to improve workplaces, housing, sanitation, advocated against child labor laws, women's rights, etc.

What was the main purpose of Jane Addams Hull House of the late 1800s quizlet?

In 1889 she founded Hull House in Chicago, the first private social welfare agency in the U.S., to assist the poor, combat juvenile delinquency and help immigrants learn to speak English.

How would you summarize the role the settlement house plays in the neighborhood?

A settlement house was a kind of community center set up to help people living in crowded immigrant neighborhoods. They were run by volunteers from middle or upper class families who wanted to help improve life for those at the bottom.

Why was Hull House established in Chicago?

Hull House became, at its inception in 1889, "a community of university women" whose main purpose was to provide social and educational opportunities for working class people (many of them recent European immigrants) in the surrounding neighborhood.

What was the Hull House and who founded it?

In 1889, Jane Addams and Ellen Gates Starr established Hull-House in Chicago, the first settlement house in the United States. By the late 1800s, Chicago had begun its transformation into the manufacturing hub of the United States.