What did Jane Addams do quizlet?

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What did Jane Addams do quizlet?

Jane Addams was a leader in the woman's suffrage and pacifist movements, and was a strong opponent of the Spanish-American War. ... Addams served as president of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom from 1919 to 1929.

What is the main idea of the cartoon to the left?

What is the main idea of the cartoon on the left? The Reagan administration was dishonest about the Iran-Contra affair. In the 1980 presidential election, Ronald Reagan's running mate was Walter Mondale.

What is the main idea of the political cartoon?

Answer: The main purpose of a political cartoon is to present commentary on a political figure or issue in an amusing or thought-provoking way.

What reason did the US seek to acquire the Hawaiian Islands?

Spurred by the nationalism aroused by the Spanish-American War, the United States annexed Hawaii in 1898 at the urging of President William McKinley. Hawaii was made a territory in 1900, and Dole became its first governor.

What does the dove on the bottom right side represent?

The dove on the bottom right side of the cartoon represent Peace. Explanation: Doves are frequently connected with the idea of harmony and pacifism. They are a thoughtful and creative mind, amazing quality, and heavenliness, opportunity from realism.

What does a GREY dove symbolize?

This is symbolic of the Bible's meaning of dove, where it represents God's love and forgiveness. White or grey dove meaning in tattoo symbolism is peace, grace, and beauty. Because of its graceful and gentle cooing, it has always been a tender symbol of love since early times and till the present date.

What is a symbol of hope?

Come to think of it, this story alone has given rise to three of the most popular symbols of hope (rainbows, doves and olive branches!).

What does Uncle Sam symbolize?

The image was used to encourage men to enlist in the military and to encourage civilian support for the entry of the U.S. into World War I. ... Uncle Sam was officially adopted as a national symbol of the United States of America in 1950.

Who made Uncle Sam popular?

Thomas Nast

How is Uncle Sam propaganda?

Patriotic Propaganda: Uncle Sam. Uncle Sam is one of the most iconic figures in American propaganda. He has appeared in numerous posters, advertisements, parodies, television shows, and just about any other media source you could name. ... In this 1917 poster, Uncle Sam is most definitely the main force of interpellation.

Why is the cartoon titled declined with thanks?

In this cartoon titles, “Declined With Thanks”, the author is describing the time period of US imperialism and showing the true debate behind it. ... Uncle Sam is clearly representing America in this cartoon. But Uncle Sam is very large in this drawing as the US is gaining more and more territories.

Who is the man fitting Uncle Sam for his new clothes?

President McKinely

Who is Uncle Sam's female equivalent?

The answer, it turns out, is that Uncle Sam had a much older and classier sister named Columbia, the feminine historic personification of the United States of America, who has since the 1920s largely fallen out of view.

Did the Uncle Sam poster work?

These attributes belonged to Uncle Sam, as seen in the famed “I want YOU for U.S. Army” poster that helped recruit legions of young men to fight in World Wars I and II. ... It proved effective, apparently, and was printed more than 4 million times in the final year of World War I, according to the Library of Congress.

Is Uncle Sam still used today?

The symbol of Uncle Sam is still in widespread use both in the United States and around the world. Most depictions today closely resemble Flagg's famous illustration. Uncle Sam has been a long standing symbol of American patriotism.

Who is Uncle Sam tax?

Uncle Sam is the personification of the United States federal government, dating back to the 19th century. He's typically depicted as an older gentleman sporting a star-spangled top hat and red bow tie. Uncle Sam is often used colloquially for the IRS, which levies income taxes on American citizens and corporations.

Where is Uncle Sam buried?

Oakwood Cemetery

Who made the Uncle Sam poster?

Artist Alfred Leete

Where did the phrase Uncle Sam come from?

The origin of the term Uncle Sam, though disputed, is usually associated with a businessman from Troy, New York, Samuel Wilson, known affectionately as “Uncle Sam” Wilson. The barrels of beef that he supplied the army during the War of 1812 were stamped “U.S.” to indicate government property.

Why was the Uncle Sam poster effective?

This poster was so popular and effective that it was used in World War II as well (Most Famous). In World War II, the main purpose of this poster was to encourage Americans to enlist to join the army. In 1940, Germany was a huge war machine.

Does Uncle Sam represent freedom?

Since Uncle Sam represented the United States, cartoonists have had freedom to draw political satires using his image. To some people, he is friendly, cheerful, and reminds many of a kindly old grandfather.

What animal is a symbol of freedom?


When was Uncle Sam invented?


What symbol means freedom?

The Statue of Liberty

What are two ways the Statue of Liberty symbolizes freedom?

The Statue of Liberty's torch lights the way to freedom showing us the path to Liberty. Even the Statue's official name represents her most important symbol "Liberty Enlightening the World". The Statue's current replacement torch, added in 1986, is a copper flame covered in 24K gold.

What are two ways the Statue of Liberty symbolized freedom?

Origin of an Icon In the years following the American Civil War, French sculptor Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi created the Statue of Liberty as a symbol of democracy and freedom.