What did Jane Addams write?

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What did Jane Addams write?

Addams wrote articles and gave speeches worldwide promoting peace and she helped found the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom in 1919, serving as its president until 1929 and honorary president until her death in 1935.

Why did Jane Addams win the Nobel Prize?

Jane Addams was the second woman to receive the Peace Prize. She founded the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom in 1919, and worked for many years to get the great powers to disarm and conclude peace agreements. ... When the USA entered the war instead, Jane Addams spoke out loudly against this.

What was Jane Addams philosophy?

Addams' philosophy combined feminist sensibilities with an unwavering commitment to social improvement through cooperative efforts. ... In this respect, through her integration of theory and action, Addams carried pragmatism to its logical conclusion, developing an applied philosophy immersed in social action.

Why is Jane Addams important to sociology?

In the period 1889–1930, Jane Addams, working as a member of sociology's classic generation, created a sociology that places ethics at the center of its analysis of society and social life—as a major explanatory variable in social theory, a policy objective for applied sociology, and an important emphasis in the ...

What was the main purpose of the Hull House?

Hull House became, at its inception in 1889, "a community of university women" whose main purpose was to provide social and educational opportunities for working class people (many of them recent European immigrants) in the surrounding neighborhood.

Why was the settlement house movement important?

Settlement workers and other neighbors were pioneers in the fight against racial discrimination. Their advocacy efforts also contributed to progressive legislation on housing, child labor, work conditions, and health and sanitation.

What was the settlement house movement and who started it?

Jane Addams, the most prominent of the American settlement theoreticians, and founder of Hull-House in Chicago, described the movement as having three primary motivations The first was to “add the social function to democracy,” extending democratic principles beyond the political sphere and into other aspects of ...

When did the settlement house movement start?