What is the best gun in the outer worlds?

What is the best gun in the outer worlds?

Assault Rifle Ultra As the name suggests, this is an Assault Rifle that is capable of sending your enemies to hell in just a couple of shots. In fact, the Assault Rifles in The Outer Worlds are among the most reliable weapons in the game right now.

How do you use TTD in outer worlds?

How do I use TTD in The Outer Worlds? You'll learn how to use Tactical Time Dilation (TTD for short) rather early on in the game. It works a little like VATS did in Fallout 76, in that it slows down time and you can use this to make shooting enemies a breeze. Simply press the Q button on your keyboard to initiate it.

What is N-ray damage?

N-Ray Damage Information: N-Ray Damage stacks the more time you are exposed to it. Once you've taken too much N-Ray damage, the damage bypasses your armor. It does damage-over-time to you and your companions who are standing close to you. The damage further increases if you continue to take N-Ray damage.

What is the best damage type in the outer worlds?

Best Damage Types To Use Against Enemies In The Outer Worlds

  • Physical damage is the most common type inflicted by weapons. ...
  • Shock damage is great against automechanical, or robotic, enemies, but doesn't do so well against other enemy types.
  • Plasma damage is great against flesh enemies, like humans or creatures, and will inflict Burn status on anything it hits.

Are science weapons good outer worlds?

There are five science weapons in The Outer Worlds and they all need energy ammo to function, their special abilities compromise the damage dealt, but who cares when you're shrinking robots. Science weapons also make up one of the best The Outer Worlds builds.

Can I kill Gladys outer worlds?

She's carrying a safe key on her body — you can break into the safe using Lockpick skills, or kill Gladys and take the safe key. You can safely Lockpick the safe by crouching down behind the safe to the left of the entrance.

Is melee good in outer worlds?

In any case, the game plays pretty closely as well. The guns, dialogue options, and melee weapons all work mostly the same. But, surprisingly, Melee builds are a bit more difficult in Outer Worlds, since running up to swing on a soldier while they pump lasers into your chest doesn't seem to work as well as it used to.

Is the outer worlds like Fallout?

Obsidian is perhaps best known for creating Fallout: New Vegas, one of the best installments of the post-apocalyptic Fallout series. Outer Worlds is clearly a spiritual sequel to Fallout, featuring a similar role-playing system, retro-futuristic aesthetic, and penchant for dark humor.

Can you date Parvati in outer worlds?

If you bring Parvati along with you to the Groundbreaker ship to meet captain/engineer Junlei Tennyson, you will be able to arrange a romance between the two. It'll be a budding romance that has its ups and downs, but you can steer Parvati towards love - just not with you, unfortunately!

How fast can you beat outer worlds?

The Outer Worlds is likely to take players at least 24 hours to beat, and that's on the very low end of the estimates. To be done within 24 hours, players would need to skip numerous side quests and likely duck out of quite a few dialogue options as they play.

How long is outer worlds DLC?

around eight hours

Can you turn Phineas in outer worlds?

You'll get the chance to turn Phineas Welles in the first time you go to the Groundbreaker. To get there, you have to first complete the questline on Terra-2 to retrieve a power regulator and use it to get your ship into orbit.

Can you kill anyone in outer worlds?

Speaking to Polygon, Obsidian's senior designer Brian Heins confirmed that in The Outer Worlds, you'll be able to kill anyone you want. ... And to protect your ability to complete quests, there are back-up systems in place.

Should I kill MacRedd outer worlds?

In this objective, you do not need to kill Captain MacRedd in order to complete this. You can convince MacRedd to just give you his lighter since it can be used as proof to get the rewards from the bounty. You need to have at least 40 Persuade or Intimidate in order to convince MacRedd to give you his lighter.