Sociology tips

  1. Did Jane Addams go to college?
  2. Why did Jane Addams win a Nobel Peace Prize?
  3. What obstacles did Jane Addams face?
  4. What happened to Jane Addams?
  5. How was women's suffrage achieved?
  6. Was Jane Addams a pacifist?
  7. What did Jane Addams do in Chicago?
  8. Where was Jane Addams settlement house?
  9. What was significant about the work of Jane Addams?
  10. How did Mary Richmond's philosophy of helping the poor differ from Jane Addams philosophy?
  11. How do social workers play an important role in society?
  12. What did Jane Addams win the Nobel Peace Prize for?
  13. What are the 5 smart goals in nursing?
  14. What was the result of the Pullman strike quizlet?
  15. Is social worker a good career?
  16. What did the National Child Labor Committee accomplish?
  17. What was the purpose of the settlement house movement?
  18. What did Jane Addams reform?
  19. What did Jane Addams do in the Progressive Era?
  20. Is i 94 a toll road in Illinois?
  21. Who were the first immigrants to America?
  22. Is Adorno a Marxist?
  23. What was the effect of the social work movement?
  24. Who fought for women's equality in education?
  25. Who was Jane Addams quizlet?
  26. What is Karl Marx sociological theory?
  27. Why was Jane Addams successful?
  28. Who is the mother of sociology?
  29. What group was Jane Addams?
  30. What happened to immigration during the Progressive Era?
  31. Which is the best specialization in MSW?
  32. What college did Jane Addams go to?
  33. What is critical critical theory?
  34. Which president started the welfare system?
  35. What is minima moralia?
  36. What is the authoritarian personality theory?
  37. What is an aesthetic theory?
  38. What is the F scale in psychology?
  39. Which school did Theodor Adorno belong to?
  40. What is Adorno's culture industry theory?
  41. What did the F scale measure?
  42. What is an example of popular culture?
  43. How is authoritarian personality measured?
  44. How many Abrams have been destroyed?
  45. What is the heart of Elijah Anderson's Code of the street?
  46. What is globalization according to Bauman?
  47. What is globalization According to Martin Khor?
  48. What happened during women's suffrage?
  49. What caused women's rights?
  50. What do you call a homeless child?