What are plural communities?

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What are plural communities?

community. Plural. communities. The plural form of community; more than one (kind of) community.

What does it mean when a person is plural?

The most simplified definition of the term plural that includes all people who take the label is “someone who shares the same physical body with other individuals.” Such a group is sometimes referred to as a system, though many plural groups use different terminology.

What is plural of larva?

Take the word "larva" (pl. "larvae"). Many non-biologists wrongly use the word "larvae" as both singular and plural ["a larvae", "two larvae"].

What is the plural of mouthful?

mouthful /ˈmaʊθˌfʊl/ noun. plural mouthfuls.

What is the plural of Oasis?

noun. Save Word. oa·​sis | \ ō-ˈā-səs \ plural oases\ ō-​ˈā-​ˌsēz \

What is the plural of fungus?

Fungi is the plural of fungus.

What is the plural of basis?

1. Bases is the plural of base. 2. Bases is the plural of basis.

What is the plural of alumnus?

Alumnus” – in Latin a masculine noun – refers to a male graduate or former student. The plural is “alumni”.

What is the plural of datum?

In one sense, data is the plural form of datum. ... Any measurement or result is a datum, though data point is now far more common. Data is most often used as a singular mass noun in everyday usage. Some major newspapers, such as The New York Times, use it either in the singular or plural.

Can you say alum?

Alum. You can shorten the words alumnus, alumna, alumnae, or alumni to alum. Just keep in mind that alum is pretty informal. There's no problem using it in everyday conversation, but use it with caution in more formal settings.

Can I say I am an alumnus?

Alumni is the plural noun for a group of male graduates or male and female graduates. An alumnus is one male graduate. An alumna is one female graduate. And for a group of female graduates, you can use the plural alumnae.

What do you call a female alumni?

Alumna. When referring to one female graduate, use the word “alumna.” If you're talking about a group of female graduates, the correct word is “alumnae.” Example: These alumnae reunited to share memories of their CTX experiences.

How do you say I am an alumni?

The correct wording is “He is an alumnus of the college.” “Alumnus” is the singular form. Otherwise it would have to be written “He is one of the alumni of the college.” “Alumni” is the plural form.

Are you an alumni if you don't graduate?

Yes, you are. Alumnus by definition is former student or pupil of a school, college, or university. An alumnus can also be a former member, employee, contributor, or inmate, as well as a former student. ... So, without graduation, one of not an alumnus.

What is another word for alumni?

Alternate Synonyms for "alumnus": alumna; alum; graduate; grad; scholar; scholarly person; bookman; student.

What is the difference between alumni and alma mater?

If you're talking about one student, you would say they are an alumnus (for a male) or alumna (for a female). Bonus: The school that an alumnus graduated from is called his alma mater.

What does alma mater mean in English?

1 : a school, college, or university which one has attended or from which one has graduated went to a class reunion at his alma mater.