What is a plural country?

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What is a plural country?

Answer. The plural form of country is countries.

What are plural systems?

The full section on background can be found under "detailed overview/glossary". Plurality (also known as multiplicity) is the state of having more than one person/consciousness sharing a body. Together, the people who share a body make up a plural system or multiple system, often referred to simply as a system.

How do you know if you're plural?

However, certain things may indicate a Plural identity: When you hear the voice(s) of distinct, sentient, individual people. We call them Systemmates, other Plurals use words like people, beings, selves, parts, alters etc.

What does it mean to be a plural person?

plural people or persons. Learner's definition of PERSON. 1. ◊ The plural of person is usually people except in formal or legal contexts, where the plural is often persons.

Is there a plural of person?

So basically, both person and people can be used as singular nouns, people can be used as a plural noun and persons and peoples are also acceptable plural forms. I would say that these days, using people as a singular noun and both peoples and persons are fairly uncommon and do sound quite formal.

Is it correct to say two persons?

Your first choice when talking about more than one person is "(two) people". "Persons" only makes sense if you mean "individuals"... and as 郭东兴 has pointed out, this is quite uncommon. Persons is an old word, from formal English.

What is the plural of Fox?

1 fox /ˈfɑːks/ noun. plural foxes. 1 fox. /ˈfɑːks/ plural foxes.

What is the plural of handkerchief?

noun. Save Word. hand·​ker·​chief | \ ˈhaŋ-kər-chəf , -(ˌ)chif, -ˌchēf \ plural handkerchiefs also handkerchieves\ ˈhaŋ-​kər-​chəfs , -​(ˌ)chifs , -​ˌchēvz , -​ˌchēfs , -​chəvz , -​(ˌ)chivz \

What is the plural for half?

The plural of half is always halves. Unfortunately, there is no clever way of knowing which nouns ending f or fe follow which rules.

What is plural of ox?

In her latest installment, she explains why the plural of the word ox is oxen instead of oxes. Why do a few words take -en instead of -s or -es to become plural? You may have heard that English is a Germanic language. ... Today only a few en-forms survive; the most common are oxen and children.

What is the plural of house?

house. noun. \ ˈhau̇s \ plural houses\ ˈhau̇-​zəz \

What is the plural of boot?

boot (countable and uncountable, plural boots)

What is the plural of dish?

1 dish /ˈdɪʃ/ noun. plural dishes. 1 dish. /ˈdɪʃ/ plural dishes.

What is plural of her?

Answer. The plural form of her is hers.

What is the possessive form of girl?

For a plural possessive, you need to make a noun plural and use an apostrophe. For example, for the word girls, add an apostrophe at the end of the word "girls" - girls'. Do the same thing for possessive names ending in “s" like "Jones" (Jones') or "Hastings" (Hastings') as well. The girls' room.

What is the plural of bag?

The plural form of bag is bags.

What is the plural for day?

The plural form of day is days. Find more words! Another word for. Opposite of. Meaning of.

What is the plural of chair?

1 chair /ˈtʃeɚ/ noun. plural chairs. 1 chair. /ˈtʃeɚ/ plural chairs.