What is illness uncertainty?

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What is illness uncertainty?

Mishel defines illness uncertainty as “the inability to determine the meaning of illness-related events (that) occurs in situations where the decision-maker is unable to assign definite values to objects and events and/or is unable to accurately predict outcomes because sufficient cues are lacking” (Mishel, 1990, p.

Which paradigm shift about the human body does Newman's theory explain?

PARADIGM SHIFT: from the previous theories consisting of medical symptoms -> to search for patterns. Disease is not negative but used to reach higher levels of consciousness....Newman's Theory of Expanding Consciousness.
Newman Stages: to reach higher consciousnessArthur Young (a mathematician); Theory of Evolution
Space: own identity in spaceCentering

What is Parse's theory?

RoseMarie Parse's Theory of Humanbecoming is a theory that many nurses' utilize in practice daily. It is a grand theory that focuses on life and human dignity. ... Theory of Humanbecoming focuses on the human quality of life. It has three major themes or principles being meaning, rhythmicity and transcendence.

In what situation does Nightingale theory apply?

Nightingale's theory applies in all situations in which nursing care is provided. Concepts related to pure air, light, noise and cleanliness can be applied across specific environments. Reading her work raises a consciousness in the nurse about how the environment influences client outcomes.