What does the word oligarchy mean?

What does the word oligarchy mean?

Oligarchymeans government of and by a few at the top, who exercise power for their own benefit. It comes from the Greek word oligarkhes, meaning “few to rule or command.” ... Modern-day Russia is an oligarchy, where a handful of billionaires who control most major industries dominate politics and the economy.

How did the word oligarchy originate?

The first records of the word oligarchy come from the 1570s. It comes from the Greek oligarchía and is formed from oligo-, meaning “few,” and -archy, meaning “rule” (the same ending is used in words like monarchy and anarchy). The word oligarchy does not imply a specific political doctrine or philosophy.

How did the Spartan oligarchy work?

A military oligarchy is a government in which the military exercises control over the people. ... The Spartan government was divided into two bodies: the Gerousia, or council of elders, and the Apella, or assembly. The Gerousia was similar to the Council of 500, and the Apella was similar to the Assembly in Athens.

Is there still a Greek royal family?

Current status In 2013, after being declared personae non gratae in the 1980s, having the palaces of the family and other estates expropriated in 1994, and then their passports annulled, Constantine and his wife Anne-Marie were once again living in Greece.

Who is the strongest Greek hero?


Who was the greatest Greek king?

Here, we will discuss some of the great leaders who ruled Greece during ancient times:

  • Alexander the Great (356 BC–323 BC) ...
  • Pericles (494 BC-429 BC) ...
  • Leonidas, King of Sparta (540 BC-480 BC) ...
  • Solon (630 BC-560 BC) ...
  • Cleisthenes (570 BC-508 BC) ...
  • Demosthenes (384 BC-322 BC) ...
  • Draco (650 BC-600 BC)

Who is the richest Greek in the world?

Philip Niarchos

What is a Greek king called?

Basileus (Greek: βασιλεύς) is a Greek term and title that has signified various types of monarchs in history. In the English-speaking world it is perhaps most widely understood to mean "king" or "emperor".

What is a Wanax?

Definition of Wanax (Greek: ; from earlier , ) is an ancient Greek word for "(tribal) king, lord, (military) leader". It is one of the two Greek titles traditionally translated as "king", the other being basileus.

Who is the first king of Greece?

Otto von Wittelsbach

Why is there a royal family of Greece and Denmark?

They are connected for two reasons: (1) The Greek royal family is descended from a member of the Danish royal family, who was selected to be King of Greece; and (2) the last King of Greece married a sister of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, who became Queen Anne-Marie of Greece.