What does Decolonial mean?

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What does Decolonial mean?

Decoloniality or decolonialism is a school of thought used principally by an emerging Latin American movement which focuses on untangling the production of knowledge from a primarily Eurocentric episteme. ... Decolonial perspectives see this hegemony as the basis of Western imperialism.

Why is decolonization important?

Justice. Decolonisation is now used to talk about restorative justice through cultural, psychological and economic freedom. In most countries where colonisers remain, Indigenous people still don't hold significant positions of power or self-determination.

What is the difference between postcolonialism and decolonization?

Whereas postcolonial theory is associated with the issues of hybridity, diaspora, representation, narrative, and knowledge/power, theories of decolonization are concerned with revolution, economic inequality, violence, and political identity."

What is postcolonialism theory?

Postcolonial theory is a body of thought primarily concerned with accounting for the political, aesthetic, economic, historical, and social impact of European colonial rule around the world in the 18th through the 20th century. ... It also suggests that colonized world stands at the forgotten center of global modernity.

What is the colonial matrix of power?

In Quijano's seminal article the colonial matrix of power has been described in four interrelated domains: control of economy (land appropriation, exploitation of labor, control of natural resources); control of authority (institution, army); control of gender and sexuality (family, education) and control of ...

How is Coloniality maintained?

Thus, coloniality survives colonialism. It is maintained alive in books, in the criteria for academic performance, in cultural patterns, in common sense, in the self-image of peoples, in aspirations of self, and so many other aspects of our modern experience.

Which thinker uses the term colonial power matrix?

Anibal Quijano

What is Coloniality of knowledge?

Coloniality of knowledge” is a theoretical concept adapted from the Latin American intellectual Aníbal Quijano into recent decolonial thinking in North America. ... One such area of knowledge is the growing field of Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK).

What does Anibal Quijano mean by the Coloniality of power?

Quijano argues that the colonial structure of power resulted in a caste system, where Spaniards were ranked at the top and those that they conquered at the bottom due to their different phenotypic traits and a culture presumed to be inferior.

What is the meaning of Eurocentrism?

← Back to contents. The term 'Eurocentrism' denotes a world-view which, implicitly or explicitly, posits European history and values as “normal” and superior to others, thereby helping to produce and justify Europe's dominant position within the global capitalist world system.