Why is quantum electrodynamics important?

Why is quantum electrodynamics important?

The practical value of QED theory is that it allows physicists to make calculations regarding the absorption and emission of light by atoms. ... In addition, QED provides very accurate predictions regarding the interactions between photons and charged atomic particles such as electrons.

What 3 things make up the universe?

The Universe is thought to consist of three types of substance: normal matter, 'dark matter' and 'dark energy'. Normal matter consists of the atoms that make up stars, planets, human beings and every other visible object in the Universe.

What are the 4 most common elements in the universe?

  • 1.) Hydrogen. Created during the hot Big Bang but depleted by stellar fusion, ~70% of the Universe remains hydrogen.
  • 2.) Helium. About 28% is helium, with 25% formed in the Big Bang and 3% from stellar fusion.
  • 3.) Oxygen. ...
  • 4.) Carbon. ...
  • 5.) Neon. ...
  • 6.) Nitrogen. ...
  • 7.) Magnesium. ...
  • 8.) Silicon.

What is the smallest element in the universe?


What is the 2nd most common element in the universe?


What is there the most of in the universe?

Composition. The universe is composed almost completely of dark energy, dark matter, and ordinary matter. ... Today, ordinary matter, which includes atoms, stars, galaxies, and life, accounts for only 4.