What is a life space?

What is a life space?

The life space is a representation of the environmental, biological, social, and psychological influences that define one person's unique reality at a given moment in time. ...

What is a life space interview?

The Life Space Interview is a verbal strategy for providing active intervention in young people's lives. Referred to as “the clinical exploitation of life events”, staff can use the LSI to help children move from impulse to self-regulation to self-mastery.

What is life space intervention?

Life Space Intervention is the therapeutic use of daily life events in residential or other settings in which social care workers share life space with clients. The methodology recognises the potential for communication with troubled young people that is provided through shared life experiences.

Why is the cognitive theory important?

Cognitive learning theory enhances lifelong learning. Workers can build upon previous ideas and apply new concepts to already existing knowledge.

What is cognitive theory in teaching?

Cognitive theory: a learning theory of psychology that attempts to explain human behavior by understanding the thought processes. Implications for Teaching. • Cognitive learning theory is best used to guide learning when trying to build useful. knowledge structures and teach clinical reasoning.