How is ethnography used?

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How is ethnography used?

Today, ethnography is a common approach in various social science fields, not just anthropology. It is used not only to study distant or unfamiliar cultures, but also to study specific communities within the researcher's own society./span>

What can ethnographic research reveal?

Answer: Ethnographic research can reveal EXACTLY what is taking place. It will be able to pinpoint a certain occurrence. Ethnographic research observes the culture/life of a subject through the subject's eyes. This allows them to better understand and explain what takes place on a day-to-day basis./span>

What are the different forms of ethnographic research?

Outlined below are the major methods used to collect data.

  • Participant observation. Participant observation is the key methodological approach involved in ethnography. ...
  • In-depth interviews. In-depth interviews are also referred to as focused, unstructured or ethnographic interviews. ...
  • Life histories. ...
  • Documentary data.

How is Ethnographic Research different from other social sciences?

Ethnographic research differs from other social science approaches because research observe society from the point of view of their participants. ... By using ethnographic research, it can revel nuances that other researcher may miss.

What is ethnography in social psychology?

Ethnography is a research methodology that seeks to explore and describe emic or etic knowledge about specific cultural groups and cultural phenomena and thus contribute to the understanding of the social and cultural life of humans.

What is an ethnography in sociology?

Ethnography is the study of a culture, a group or human behaviour. ... Ethnographic research often wishes to understand the habitus or mores of a particular social group.

What are the features of ethnography?

Key Characteristics

  •  ...
  • Produces an accurate reflection of perspectives and behaviours.
  • Ethnography consists of inductive, interactive and repeated collection of unstructured data and analysis to build local cultural theories. ...
  • Data are mostly collected from fieldwork experiences.

What is the goal of ethnographic research?

The goal of ethnographic research is to formulate a pattern of analysis that makes reasonable sense out of human actions within the given context of a specific time and place.