What is ethnology research?

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What is ethnology research?

Ethnographic research is a qualitative method where researchers observe and/or interact with a study's participants in their real-life environment. ... The aim of an ethnographic study within a usability project is to get 'under the skin' of a design problem (and all its associated issues).

What is ethnographic research examples?

Generally, an ethnographic study involves a researcher observing behaviour either in person or via cameras pre-installed in participant homes, work places, etc. Think of the show Gogglebox where viewers observe the reaction to other people watching TV – that's ethnography.

What is ethnography theory research?

The ethnographic method examines behavior that takes place within specific social situations, including behavior that is shaped and constrained by these situations, plus people's understanding and interpretation of their experiences.

Why is ethnography used?

Today, ethnography is a common approach in various social science fields, not just anthropology. It is used not only to study distant or unfamiliar cultures, but also to study specific communities within the researcher's own society.

What is the difference between Autoethnography and ethnography?

Autoethnography differs from ethnography, a social research method employed by anthropologists and sociologists, in that autoethnography embraces and foregrounds the researcher's subjectivity rather than attempting to limit it, as in empirical research.

How do you start an Autoethnography?


  1. Choose a culture of which you are a member.
  2. Begin research. ...
  3. Create an Annotated works Cited page.
  4. Use field notes, interviews, secondary research, and snapshots your own experience to begin describing and analyzing your culture.