How old is Shannon Matthews?

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How old is Shannon Matthews?

Shannon is currently 21 years of age and is living under a new identity. She received a new identity and family and her location can never be disclosed. In 2018, her grandparents June and Gordon Matthews spoke to the Daily Mail and revealed they had seen a recent picture of their granddaughter.

When was Karen Matthews released?

April 2012

What happened to Shannon Matthews after she was found?

After Shannon, who is now 23, was found alive and well, she was placed in the care of social services before being given a new identity and family.

Did Shannon Matthews die?

Shannon is found On Ma, after 24 days missing, Shannon Matthews was found. She was discovered alive, hidden in the base of a divan bed at a house occupied by Michael Donovan in Batley Carr, West Yorkshire.

How did police find Shannon Matthews?

West Yorkshire Police found Shannon alive at 12:30 on 14 March 2008, 24 days after going missing, when they had a call suggesting they "take a look" at Michael Donovan's flat. She was drugged and concealed in the base of a divan bed in Lidgate Gardens, Batley Carr, and the owner Michael was arrested at the scene.

How did they find Shannon Matthews?

Shannon was found alive and well on 14 March 2008 at a Batley Carr house belonging to 39-year-old Michael Donovan. Donovan is the uncle of Craig Meehan, the boyfriend of the kidnapped girl's mother, Karen Matthews. The kidnapping was planned by Karen and Donovan to generate money from the publicity.