What is symbolic Interactionism theory?

What is symbolic Interactionism theory?

Symbolic interactionism is a micro-level theory that focuses on the relationships among individuals within a society. Communication—the exchange of meaning through language and symbols—is believed to be the way in which people make sense of their social worlds.

What does symbolic Interactionism argue?

Symbolic interactionism is a theory that analyzes patterns of communication, interpretation, and adjustment between individuals in society. ... Symbolic interactionists argue that shared activities help to build emotional bonds, and that marriage and family relationships are based on negotiated meanings.

What is the relationship between sociology and health?

Medical sociology can also be defined as the scientific study of the social patterning of health. In this case, it is a study of how social factors (e.g., class, race, gender, religion , ethnicity, kinship network, marriage, educational status, age, place , and cultural practices) influence human health.

What are the social aspects of diseases?

"Social factors" in illness are defined rather broadly, including, for example, climate and environmental factors. For the most part, the book deals with emotional, economic, familial, and community factors affecting the patient and his care.

How does society define health?

Health is a state of complete well‐being: physical, mental, and emotional. This definition emphasizes the importance of being more than disease free, and recognizes that a healthy body depends upon a healthy environment and a stable mind. Medicine is the social institution that diagnoses, treats, and prevents disease.