What are the 3 qualities of God?

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What are the 3 qualities of God?

In order to describe God's attributes, or characteristics, theologians use three important terms: omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence.

What are the 4 qualities of God?


  • Aseity.
  • Eternity.
  • Goodness.
  • Graciousness.
  • Holiness.
  • Immanence.
  • Immutability.
  • Impassibility.

What is God's most important?

And one of the scribes came up and heard them disputing with one another, and seeing that he answered them well, asked him, “Which commandment is the most important of all?” Jesus answered, “The most important is, 'Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one. ... ' There is no other commandment greater than these.”

What Colour is uranium?

silvery white

What is osmium used for?

Osmium has only a few uses. It is used to produce very hard alloys for fountain pen tips, instrument pivots, needles and electrical contacts. It is also used in the chemical industry as a catalyst.

Is u238 radioactive?

While 238U is minimally radioactive, its decay products, thorium-234 and protactinium-234, are beta particle emitters with half-lives of about 20 days and one minute respectively.

Can uranium ore kill you?

Because uranium decays by alpha particles, external exposure to uranium is not as dangerous as exposure to other radioactive elements because the skin will block the alpha particles. Ingestion of high concentrations of uranium, however, can cause severe health effects, such as cancer of the bone or liver.

How long is Chernobyl radioactive?

20,000 years

What are the 14 daughters of uranium?

Beginning with naturally occurring uranium-238, this series includes the following elements: astatine, bismuth, lead, polonium, protactinium, radium, radon, thallium, and thorium.

What is the daughter of uranium?

Derived from the chemical sciences, the term “daughters of uranium” describes the radioactive decay chain of naturally occurring uranium, (U-235 being the crucial element for sustaining a nuclear chain reaction) while evoking generations born into an uncertain future.

What is the final daughter of uranium?

thorium 234

Why Uranium 236 is unstable?

The U-236 present naturally in elemental uranium is formed as a consequence of alpha-decay of U-238. ... When U-235 gains a neutron in a fission chain reaction, it usually gains enough energy to put the U-236 into one of its higher energy states that is very unstable - so it fissions.

Why Uranium is unstable?

The heat released in fission can be used to help generate electricity in power plants. Uranium-235 (U-235) is one of the isotopes that fissions easily. During fission, U-235 atoms absorb loose neutrons. This causes U-235 to become unstable and split into two light atoms called fission products.

What is the half-life of uranium-236?


Is all uranium radioactive?

All isotopes of uranium are radioactive, with most having extremely long half-lives. Half-life is a measure of the time it takes for one half of the atoms of a particular radionuclide to disintegrate (or decay) into another nuclear form. Each radionuclide has a characteristic half-life.

How much uranium can power a city?

Uranium as a fuel for nuclear power Over 50 more reactors are under construction and about another 100 are planned2. A typical 1000 megawatt (MWe) reactor can provide enough electricity for a modern city of close to one million people, about 8 billion kWh per year.

What is uranium worth?

Ethanol USD/Gal1.

Is depleted uranium still radioactive?

All isotopes of uranium are radioactive. Both uranium and depleted uranium, and their immediate decay products, emit alpha and beta particles and a small amount of gamma radiation. ... This means uranium only poses a radiation hazard if it is breathed in, eaten or drunk, or enters part of the body exposed by injury.

Why is uranium used in bullets?

First deployed on a large scale during the Gulf War, the U.S. military uses depleted uranium (DU) for tank armor and some bullets due to its high density, helping it to penetrate enemy armored vehicles.

What are depleted uranium bullets?

Depleted uranium is the byproduct of the enriched uranium needed to power nuclear reactors. Depleted uranium is roughly 0.

Is Depleted Uranium Safe?

While there may be some question as to whether exposure on the battlefield could potentially be harmful to soldiers and civilians in the area, discarded depleted uranium, when safely stored in facilities, has been found to be safe for the public.

How long does depleted uranium stay in the body?

2 weeks

Who depleted uranium?

enriched fraction is referred to as depleted uranium. Depleted uranium typically contains about 99.

How dangerous is uranium 238?

Uranium-238, the most prevalent isotope in uranium ore, has a half-life of about 4.

What is uranium-238 used to date?

Uranium-238, whose half-life is 4.

Where does uranium-238 come from?

The Earth's uranium has been thought to be produced in one or more supernovae over 6 billion years ago. More recent research suggests some uranium is formed in the merger of neutron stars. Uranium later became enriched in the continental crust. Radioactive decay contributes about half of the Earth's heat flux.

What happens when uranium-238 decays?

…create quantities of plutonium-239 from uranium-238, the principal constituent of naturally occurring uranium. Absorption of a neutron in the uranium-238 nucleus yields uranium-239, which decays after 23.

Why can't uranium-238 is not fissionable?

By contrast, the binding energy released by uranium-238 absorbing a thermal neutron is less than the critical energy, so the neutron must possess additional energy for fission to be possible. Consequently, uranium-238 is a fissionable material but not a fissile material.

What is a unit of uranium called?

Becquerel (Bq) The international unit of measure of an amount of radioactivity. It is defined as the decay of one atom per second.