How long does it take to 100% the outer worlds?

How long does it take to 100% the outer worlds?

about 20 hours

Why is the outer worlds so short?

The small scale of The Outer Worlds was meant to encourage people to replay it, to experience the branching narrative options, but it definitely felt like there was something missing. “We had to make one cut too many. All through the project we were making cuts. ... We told our story.

Can I keep playing after beating outer worlds?

The Outer Worlds invites you to change the destiny of a corporate-dominated solar system. ... Unfortunately, you can't play beyond The Outer Worlds' ending. You can save your game just before the game's final sequence and return to it, but there's no catching up on old quests once the game's finished.

Does outer worlds have an ending?

There are three main endings to discover, but also up to 20 additional endings for specific characters and factions depending on your actions. There you have it, all possible Outer Worlds endings of Obsidian's RPG game. ...

What happens if you kill everyone in outer worlds?

This includes quest-givers and potential companions, NPCs; somehow, the game will get you to an ending screen despite the death of characters which other such games – coughSkyrimcough – would designate as story-critical. ...

Can you remove flaws in outer worlds?

The only way to remove a Flaw from your character is by completely restarting the game.

Are flaws worth it in outer worlds?

In some cases, taking the negative effects caused by the flaw appears to be worthwhile for the reward, but it should be noted that the effects of a flaw are permanent and cannot be removed in The Outer Worlds. Perks are earned every two levels, but as you progress further, levelling up takes longer.

Are flaws permanent outer worlds?

Flaws are permanent negative effects applied to the player character in exchange for an additional perk point. The number of Flaws one can have in one playthrough is limited to 3 on Normal difficulty, 4 on Hard, and 5 on Supernova.

Is Felix good outer worlds?

That said, Felix is a decent member to have around, especially if you're not as experienced in the persuasion skill. Dialog checks are important in The Outer Worlds, and Felix adds a passive bonus to your persuasion that can be pretty useful.

Is there romance in outer worlds?

You can't romance any characters in The Outer Worlds, but you can complete Companion-specific quests if you want to get to know your crew a little better. ... Unfortunately this is as far as the relationships with other characters in The Outer Worlds can go.

Do you lose Parvati outer worlds?

Moderate Ending - If you don't complete the Parvati Quest But do the good ending. Parvati will never leave the ship and become best friends with Ada. She will never fully come out of her shell.

Should you kill MacRedd?

In this objective, you do not need to kill Captain MacRedd in order to complete this. You can convince MacRedd to just give you his lighter since it can be used as proof to get the rewards from the bounty. You need to have at least 40 Persuade or Intimidate in order to convince MacRedd to give you his lighter.

What happens if you turn in Welles?

We can say that it doesn't immediately end the game. You'll head to Byzantium, the capital of Halcyon, and start working for and with the corporations. Turning him in sets you off on a path siding with the mega-corporations and maintaining the status quo, rather than fighting the system or improving lives.

What happens if you kill Junlei?

Parvati leaving after killing Junlei: On the Groundbreaker Parvati will leave even after passing Persuade and Intimidation checks. ... If Junlei is killed before completing the Drinking Sapphire Wine quest though, Parvati will stay in your crew, and will just be mildly upset about the killing.

How do you get more bits in the outer world?

How to get bits in The Outer Worlds

  1. Collect and sell everything. Visiting a vending machine and selling unwanted goods is a great way to make some bits. ...
  2. Complete side quests. Talk with every NPC to find as many quests as you can. ...
  3. Roseway and Gladys. If you choose to sell the information to Gladys, you'll make a lot of bits but you'll "botch" the quests.

What happens if you kill Gladys outer worlds?

If you show up on The Groundbreaker and kill Gladys, ADA will initiate sequence "The Captain Is A Psychopath" and open up a different, more dangerous landing zone on Monarch. Killing every person in The Outer Worlds was not fun.

How do you get 8000 bits in outer worlds?

Go to Gladys and talk to her about the item. Unfortunately, you will have to pay 8,000 bits for this. This amount can be collected by completing other missions and selling items. Once you get enough bits, go back to Gladys and buy the seal.

How do I get 10000 bits outer worlds?

There are four solutions.

  1. Complete Gladys' request and bring back three pieces of valuable information from Roseway colony.
  2. Purchase the NavKey for 10,000 bits.
  3. Steal the NavKey from Gladys' safe.
  4. Ignore the NavKey and just go to Monarch.

Should I sell secrets to Gladys?

Should you sell the secrets to Gladys or give them to Crane? If you take the corporate secrets to Gladys, you get about 7,500 bits for your trouble. However, if you return them to Crane, Vaughn, and Orson, you get that same amount along with unique weapons and armor.

Can you rescue Jameson outer worlds?

Outer Worlds Rescue Jameson - By His Bootstraps - Cleo Lab Office Keycard Location. By His Bootstraps is a side quest in Outer Worlds. In it, you have to rescue Jameson, a lab technician trapped in a laboratory overrun by monsters.

Should I give Anton His research outer worlds?

Give Anton the ResearchGiving Anton his research is your first option, and will net you 3750 Bits. At the same time, you'll get the Dentastic trophy/achievement (this is the only way to get the trophy/achievement.) ... That does it for how to get Anton's research and what to do with it in Outer Worlds.

Should you kill Cassandra outer worlds?

When you find Cassandra, you can talk to her and discover she is the person who led the raid on the secret lab. She is not very apologetic about killing people there, but she also doesn't pose a direct threat to you, so there is no need to kill her straight away.

Should I give the schematics to Orson?

Rather than bring the schematics back to Orson, the Stranger may choose to give them to Gladys Culkelly as part of The Distress Signal. Choosing this option will botch the quest and prevent one from obtaining the unique weapon, Ulti-Nature, which Orson will send to the Stranger if the schematics are returned to him.

What scent should I pick for Parvati?

You will be able to choose the smell to be rose-ish, mock-apple and synthamon or refurbished ship. Picking rose-ish will cause Junlei to sneeze during the date while picking refurbished ship will have Junlei asking Parvati if she got new parts in.

Can you sleep with Parvati outer worlds?

Parvati does have an interesting side story regarding romance, but don't expect to woo or sleep with any of them.

Can you romance Ellie in outer worlds?

No. You cannot romance any companions in The Outer Worlds. Be it Parvati, Ellie, Vicar Max or Felix, there are no romance options for any companions in the game. ... The option to romance specific women, men, aliens and robots in role-playing games such as Mass Effect has always been a highlight of the genre.

Should I remove Reed from Edgewater?

If you reroute power to Edgewater and want all of the Deserters – including Adelaide to return home, then you need to convince Reed to leave.

What happens if you divert power away from Edgewater?

If you decide to redirect the power to Edgewater, you'll recieve 2,828 XP. Your reputation with Spacer's Choice will increase, while your reputation with the Deserters will increase. If you're planning on unlocking the trophy to 'Permanently Save Edgewater,' then you must redirect the power to Edgewater.

Can you lose companions in outer worlds?

The final way to remove a companion from your party is only available if you're playing The Outer Worlds at the highest level of difficulty, Supernova. Usually if a companion runs out of health, they will be downed and unable to assist you until you return to The Unreliable.

What happens if you divert power from Edgewater?

If you choose to redirect the power to Edgewater, you will put Botanical Lab in ruins. Once you've made your choice, return to the Botanical Lab and speak with Adelaide. She will tell you that unless you deal with Reed, the leader in Edgewater, she will not return.