Which of the following is the best example of an ascribed status?

Which of the following is the best example of an ascribed status?

A status set is comprised of all the statuses that a person occupies at a given time. Ascribed and achieved statuses: An ascribed status is a social position conferred at birth or received involuntarily later in life. Examples of ascribed statuses include race/ethnicity, age, and gender.

Who invented breaching experiment?

Harold Garfinkle

Is being a sister an ascribed status?

Status labels help us know how to act around others and tell us what behavior to expect from others. Each person has many different statuses. You are a student, brother/sister, son/daughter, employee, friend, and many other things. ... Ascribed Status - are statuses that one has no control over -- typically given at birth.

Is age an ascribed status?

Age remains an ascribed status, but our perceived age can be an achieved status. Overall, status is based on the expectations we have of someone holding a particular status./span>

Is a mother an ascribed status?

A woman becomes a mother by having a baby. ... In contrast, ascribed statuses are the result of being born into a particular family or being born male or female. Being a prince by birth or being the first of four children in a family are ascribed statuses./span>

Is height an ascribed status?

Ascribed characteristics, as used in the social sciences, refers to properties of an individual attained at birth, by inheritance, or through the aging process. The individual has very little, if any, control over these characteristics. Typical examples include race, ethnicity, gender, caste, height, and appearance.

Is race ascribed or achieved?

Race and sex are both examples of ascribed status. ... Ascribed status is is beyond an individual's control; it is not earned or chosen. Achieved status is a position that is earned or chosen and reflects a person's skills, abilities, and efforts.

What does ascribed mean?

transitive verb. : to refer to a supposed cause, source, or author : to say or think that (something) is caused by, comes from, or is associated with a particular person or thing These poems are usually ascribed to Homer. They ascribe most of their success to good timing and good luck.

What does the word ascribe mean in the Bible?

a-skrīb′, v.t. to attribute, impute, or assign. —adj. Ascrib′able. —n. Ascrip′tion, act of ascribing or imputing: any expression of ascribing, or any formula for such, like the one ascribing glory to God repeated at the end of a sermon.

What does ascribe meaning to marks mean?

They also ascribe meanings to marks that they see in different places. To support children adults can notice and encourage the marks children make and the meanings that they give to them, such as when a child covers a whole piece of paper and says, “I'm writing”.